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 Basic Package


Get up to Three Pages

2 Business Emails (forwarding)


This includes all that is mentioned below

Standard Package


Get up to Five Pages

3 Business Emails (forwarding)


This also includes what is mentioned below

Executive Package


Up to Eight Pages

4 Business Emails (forwarding)

500 Professionally Designed Business Cards

500 Professionally Designed Flyers

Exclusive Package


Up to Ten Pages

6 Business Emails (forwarding)

1000 Professionally Designed Business Cards

1000 Professionally Designed Flyers

All of these website packages include

Professional Setup: Your new website will be set up by professionals and will have a customized professional look. We aim to help you increase customers loyalty.

FREE 1 Year Web Hosting: If you don't have a hosting account or want us to host your new website then you will receive a full One Year of FREE Hosting service! You will receive unlimited disc space so no matter what data size may be your website we will host it. There will be a charge of $50 for the renewal of the same so that you can continue keeping your website live on the internet. This does not apply if you're under a monthly payment plan and only applies if you're under a one-time payment package

FREE Domain Name: When you host with us, your domain name is free on all new registrations. The registration remains free as long as you host with us and we manage your registration.

Professional Design Concept - We will build your website to your satisfaction and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our design. The thing to notice with us is that we always listen to what you want and then find a way to make it happen.

Basic Search Engine Optimization: You will have the option to enter your keywords, description and your logo on your website page. This will get you started in communicating with search engines. (We also offer SEO Packages for additional cost)

Beautiful and Cutting Edge Graphics: We always give your website nice graphics that will keep your customers interested in viewing your website. We usually keep it simple to load.

Website Delivered on Time Every Time: We will deliver a fully functional website to the web hosting account (yours or ours) normally within 72 business hours of receiving payment and submitted materials such as photos and details.

Basic Logo Work Exclusive for Website: We usually deliver a basic logo to your website if you don't have one (We offer Logo Design to own your logo for an extra cost)

Unlimited Page Length: Say or Describe as much as you want to without any limits in order to communicate with your customers. We allow unlimited text on all your pages. Professional basic formatting included for a clean look on your website

Unlimited Photos when sent from you: You can put as many photos as you like* on your website when you send us the photos. The images will be cropped and adjusted on to the web site for free

Up to 5 Free Professional Grade Photos per page: We will put and make web-ready up to five professional grade photos which would compliment your website and your business 

Unlimited Links: We will link unlimited number of internal and external links on your website. We have all the hottest buttons so that you can link easily to your social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Blogs

Wonderful Customer Support: We will help you from start to finish on your website. We offer email and phone support during the development process of your website. Phone support is usually provided when it makes communicating easier than email. 

User-Friendly Navigation: We usually always keep it as simple as I should be so that your customers click and look around easily. The navigation shall be neat, clean and easy to use

1 Free Set of Basic Revision to the Site: We will do up to One Free revision to your new website. This is so to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for in your website in this package (Some limitations apply, this covers only minor changes. Additional revisions may be chargeable)

FREE Copy Editing: Do you feel that you're not a good writer? Do not worry, we got you! Upon your request our on staff professional writer will review all the text you submit ot us to ensure professional quality copy writing on your website. This includes but is not just limited to grammar and seplling corrections

Satisfaction Guarantee: We work extremely hard to make sure you receive the website you are looking for, however, we will give a 100% refund to any buyer who is not satisfied with the website we give them.

Additional Pages and Service: If you need additional pages, we will add them to this package prices vary.

From time to time we have promotional offers and coupons and if you are buying a website or a package under a promotion or a coupon then the terms and conditions of that particular promotion or coupon shall apply in your case. We can't guarantee that those promotions shall be available at all times.

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Online Marketing

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Professional Logo Design Service


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